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in my dreams i've kissed your lips 4/5

As part of the challenge for 1sentence, I have written 40/50 sentences describing Aaron and Stephanie's relationship.

Prompt 31 - 40

31 - Sacred

"You can't just touch it, it's practically sacred," Stephanie snapped at Emily, while Aaron could only mouth an apology to their friends while his girlfriend glared at anyone who dared to lay their filthy finger on her new pandora bracelet.

32 - Farewells

Aaron liked how Stephanie is not so good with farewells, it meant that she would always come back.

33 - World

Stephanie and Aaron both saw the world differently, one saw it as a dangerous place while the other saw it as a playground.

34 - Formal

Formalities has never been one of Aaron's strong suits, which was why Stephanie almost always has to drag him to the side to tell him to wear his clothes properly, not make inappropriate jokes and especially not to laugh at any of the guests' name no matter how ridiculous they sound.

35 - Fever

There are more than enough signs to know when Stephanie's been hit by the seasonal shopping fever; one of them was watching her drag an unwilling Aaron wherever she went.

36 - Laugh

"Stephanie doesn't laugh, she cackles like an evil witch," Aaron told the kids solemnly, earning a smack on his head by the blonde girl.

37 - Lies

Stephanie was so used to making up stories that she has no idea what to do when Aaron began to snip snap her web of lies.

38 - Forever

Forever is an idea that Stephanie has long given up on, now she just holds on to him like it will never happen.

39 - Overwhelmed

Stephanie felt so overwhelmed with emotions, she's not sure whether to kiss him or slap him right now, she went with the latter.

40 - Whisper

Emily had always been a little envious whenever she sees Aaron and Stephanie laughing and whispering together in hushed mandarine, like it was a secret language that no one else knew.

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