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in my dreams i've kissed your lips 5/5

As part of the challenge for 1sentence, I have written 50/50 sentences describing Aaron and Stephanie's relationship.

Prompts 41 - 50

41 - Wait
Aaron has been doing it for years, and now Stephanie realized it was her turn to wait.

42 - Talk
Stephanie realized she never really had the talk with her parents, but then again with Aaron's vulgarity and double entrades, maybe she didn't really need one.

43 - Search
Aaron had to search the Asia continent to find his best friend, but Stephanie was a different case, no matter where he looked, he barely caught more than a glimpse of the pretty blonde girl.

44 - Hope
Stephanie was the romantic slowly losing hope on ever finding the one, Aaron was the cynical who taught her to let go.

45 - Eclipse
Eclipse was just another moment in the dark for the couple to hold on to each other without anyone else doing.

46 - Gravity
Aaron had always been pulled towards Stephanie like gravity in these moments, with her usually perfect blonde hair a mess and mascara running down her face, she actually looked real.

47 - Highway
It was unerving and a little more than just annoying the way she was looking at him while he took a turn into the highway, all because she wanted him to come out and say, "Fine, you're right, we're lost."

48 - Unknown
Stephanie stood there speechless, mind ransacking for an answer only to come up blank other than the realization that there was still so many things about Aaron that remained unknown to her.

49 - Lock
Aaron wondered just how often she sneaks out all these years - judging by how quick she picked the lock, one can only assume every week.

50 - Breathe
As he watched the video playing out scenes of Emily and Connor together, with Stephanie's beautiful voice singing Breathe in the background, he realized this one was for him.

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