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in my dreams i've kissed your lips 1/5

As part of the challenge for 1sentence, I have written 10/50 sentences describing Aaron and Stephanie's relationship.

Prompt #1- #10

1 - Ring

"Here, take this before I eat it," Aaron said, practically shoving the candy ring into the surprised blonde girl's end, avoiding eye contact with her.

2 - Hero

Stephanie is so used to dreaming of some hero coming in to save her from all that is bad, that she never expected him to come in the form of mischeivous green eyes and dirty blonde hair.

3 - Memory

Stephanie had many memories of people come and go, but a pair of green eyes and dirty blonde locks had her hand in his, reminding her he'll stay as long as she wants him to.

4 - Box

After searching the whole empty house, Aaron finally found Stephanie in the last place he expected- the basement, gazing fondly at the contents of a box, undoubtedly reminding her of the memories she cherished.

5 - Run

"Run away with me," Aaron said, eyes filled with beautiful promises and sweet nothings that Stephanie found it really hard to say no.

6 - Hurricane

She was the pretty blonde who was nothing but calm, yet the look behind those grey eyes had Aaron wondering what kind of hurricane was just brewing behind them.

7 - Wings

"You never needed wings to fly," Aaron whispered in her ears, the last thing she heard before the round of applause started.

8 - Cold

Stephanie scoffed, ridiculed by how Aaron was too prideful to admit that he was cold despite him obviously shivering in his boots.

9 - Red

Aaron was shocked to find Stephanie in a state, her pastel coloured prom dress torn and dripping with crimson red, something glinting in her hand, "You're mine now."

10 - Drink

"I told you I can make more than just bar drinks," Aaron said smirking proudly, while Stephanie rolled her eyes and quietly sipping the mixture of some kind of fizzy drinks and medicine to help her with her cold.

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