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in my dreams i've kissed your lips 2/5

As part of the challenge for 1sentence, I have written 20/50 sentences describing Aaron and Stephanie's relationship.

Prompt 11 - 20

11 - Midnight

Emily may be the flight risk, but Aaron had no doubt Stephanie was Cinderella, eager to escape some smooth talking guy and into the arms of his own, while he waits outside with a car.

12 - Temptation

Stephanie refused to be one of those girls who fall for the tempation of michievous green eyes that promised sweet nothings.

13 - View

"The best view ever," Aaron smirked, narrowly dodging the oncoming hit by the furious Stephanie.

14 - Music

"I don't get it, you're this musical genius who's not even that passionate about music," Stephanie said to Aaron who could only shrug with a smile.

15 - Silk

Aaron could only listen with little interest as Stephanie prattles on about the difference of silks and chiffons and whatnot, already filled with regret for asking in the first place.

16 - Cover

Whether he knew it or not, Aaron was going about this cliche phase where he hits on all girls to cover up his true feelings for their pretty little blonde friend, Rachel sighed as she got down to working this fact into their next music video.

17 - Promise

The chambermaid could only attempt to comfort the distress princess, as she sobbed into her arms, "He promised, he promised he'd stay until I get this all figured out."

18 - Dream

"My dream, my dream is to travel the world with you guys," Aaron answered, ignoring the scoffs and protests at how cliche his answer was, becauses none of them had to know that his dream was rolling her grey eyes at him.

19 - Candle

"I am 18 not 80," Stephanie said, anger bubbling inside her, as she held up the number styled candles at the blonde boy who could only smile sheepishly.

20 - Talent

Stephanie has continuously been told how talented she was, but something about the way Aaron said it finally made her believed it.

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