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in my dream i've kissed your lips 3/5

As part of the challenge for 1sentence, I have written 30/50 sentences describing Aaron and Stephanie's relationship.

Prompt 21 - 30

21 - Silence

The silence that followed was tensed, and the cocky bastard was looking straight at Aaron, waiting for a retaliation, which Aaron would've gladly given him one if Stephanie hadn't intertwined their fingers together under the table.

22 - Journey

While Stephanie had her journey all planned out, Aaron was still figuring out which road to take.

23 - Fire

Stephanie recognized the fire in his eyes, and inmediately knew what comes next won't be so pleasant.

24 - Strength

Stephanie was this pretty blonde girl who was stronger than she looked - a fact Aaron learned quickly after finding himself on his back for the third time in a row.

25 - Mask

She wears a mask of the perfect daugter and the perfect girl, a mask that he took off in just one night revealing the lonely girl behind it.

26 - Ice

"I need more ice," Stephanie ordered, handing back her iced tea to Aaron who was forced into wearing a full on suit under the blazing hot sun after losing a bet.

27 - Fall

Stephanie realized she was actually starting to fall for the boy who went around giving people irritating nicknames while Aaron had long known how he fell for the prissy blonde girl who refused to eat anywhere else other than a proper dining table.

28 - Forgotten

With his parents divorced, and his best friend disappearing overnight, Aaron could only hope Stephanie won't forget him as well.

29 - Dance

"We can totally dance like them," Stephanie said, watching their friends performing through the tv screen, while Aaron hummed absentmindedly scrolling on his phone.

30 - Body

Stephanie has always had a thing for drawing if not with a pen, then with her finger as she traced lightly on Aaron's body.

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